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23.rd of January was the official poorest day of the year. After Christmas and New Year where people have been spending more than they should they have to eat water and "knäckebröd". To avoid that I have quite a good check on my/ our economy and a (More)
This month Axfood, Sagax and SEB  are  paying the dividends. So A&A get 120 kr dividends from Axfood and 41 kr from Sagax . Altogether 161 kr that will be reinvested. Even though H&M has been in negative discussions lately I bought 2 H (More)
A&A´s portfolio: First dividends in year 2017 have started rolling in. In January they got 36 kr in dividends. I also bought them 3 H&M and 30 Sagax Pref stocks. This should generate 89,25 kr dividends extra per year. For the first time I a (More)
Is it just a dream for ordinary people or is that really a possibility? Of course reading the "right" papers, the "right" blogs or you talk to positive people that have maybe even managed to become economically independent it all makes you believe in (More)
Usually during the summer the stock market gets calmer and the prices fall a little bit making it possible to buy some stocks for a cheaper price. However, this year it seams that nothing is like it usually is. Still I couldn´t resist but to buy a (More)
Half the year of 2016has passed and I am still working on the portfolio of our savings. As I already wrote previosly (old post) my goal is to have good dividends, preferrably an amount every month. When the Brexit was voted for there was a minor c (More)
This time I made a mistake with my stocks.I had them on a common stock account instead of the ISK (investment saving account). So I nicely payed  30% taxes on the dividends I got, instead of paying no taxes. I guess the only way to learn is the har (More)
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Kako sam prije rekla (stari clanak ovdje) hocu da napravim tepih dividendni bombanje (carpet dividend bombing) za mene (i muza) i za Adu. (Ne znam bosanski naziv za to :P) . Tako da sam jucer kupila nekoliko Telia dionica. Telia ima godisnje 3kr div (More)