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This month Axfood, Sagax and SEB  are  paying the dividends. So A&A get 120 kr dividends from Axfood and 41 kr from Sagax . Altogether 161 kr that will be reinvested. Even though H&M has been in negative discussions lately I bought 2 H (More)
A&A´s portfolio: First dividends in year 2017 have started rolling in. In January they got 36 kr in dividends. I also bought them 3 H&M and 30 Sagax Pref stocks. This should generate 89,25 kr dividends extra per year. For the first time I a (More)
Is it just a dream for ordinary people or is that really a possibility? Of course reading the "right" papers, the "right" blogs or you talk to positive people that have maybe even managed to become economically independent it all makes you believe in (More)
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