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The moment I heard of Aquaria water museum I wanted to visit the it and finally it happened. There is this special frog exhibition and I thought that the kids would love it so  we went there.  Even though the museum is quite small I found it won (More)
And so it came :D I tako dodje! (More)
Today was Adrians first flight ever and typically it took ages. I actually think I've never travelled so long to get to Sweden. We left Karlsruhe around 12h and arrived around 19.30h . They where awake the whole journey. At home the kids where so exc (More)
au wrote: Airberlin
A couple of days before departure I always have a feeling of expectation. How will the flight be ( I don't like flying), how will the stay be, how will the weather be. Mentally I am tuned in on the trip. When I got an email from the company that m (More)
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