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For the first time we, the kids, Ensar and I flew together. We arrived to Stockholm last  Tuesday and hoped for snow, but it was nowhere to be seen. One of the highlights in Stockholm was the Technical museum. The kids loved it. There were so many (More)
The moment I heard of Aquaria water museum I wanted to visit the it and finally it happened. There is this special frog exhibition and I thought that the kids would love it so  we went there.  Even though the museum is quite small I found it won (More)
And so it came :D I tako dodje! (More)
Today was Adrians first flight ever and typically it took ages. I actually think I've never travelled so long to get to Sweden. We left Karlsruhe around 12h and arrived around 19.30h . They where awake the whole journey. At home the kids where so exc (More)
au wrote: Airberlin
A couple of days before departure I always have a feeling of expectation. How will the flight be ( I don't like flying), how will the stay be, how will the weather be. Mentally I am tuned in on the trip. When I got an email from the company that m (More)
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