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au wrote: Srebrenica
Every year the same questions arise. Questions of which we will never get an answer of. Questions like - how much is a life worth? How could Europe watch these young men and children die? How could a human being be so evil to kill innocent people o (More)
Being in Bosnia for vacation I want to bring the positive things, that we usually do not think of, out to you. If you have some suggestions for things one should visit, try or see I would be happy to hear. Cakes: One thing I adore in Bosnia is th (More)
After warm and sunny Sweden (it was warm while I was there) I have now moved to the southern (colder) part of Europe. After a tough day (went to bed at 1.30h , up at 6.00h , flied Stockholm-Belgrade, spent a few hours there, took a car to Bosnia –T (More)