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au wrote: Baltazar
The kids loved it last year and they love it this year. Fabulous place for children where they can play for hours. THE famous Baltazar in Skövde. It costs only 100 kr for the whole summer so it is really a great investment where children can learn (More)
Today was Adrians first flight ever and typically it took ages. I actually think I've never travelled so long to get to Sweden. We left Karlsruhe around 12h and arrived around 19.30h . They where awake the whole journey. At home the kids where so exc (More)
ra wrote: Stockholm
To vam je glavni grad Kraljevine Svedske. Osnovan je 1252., a ja sam bio u kuci koja je napravljena 1726. Sastoji se od 14. ostrva (sve mi se cini, al' guglajte, sta vam fali) i ima idealnu klimu za namcore poput mene. Iako sam vec bio i ran (More)
sweedream wrote: The Locals
I read this article and decided to share it with you: 'Swedes, you need to talk about immigration' The Local · 11 Aug 2015, 13:45 Sweden's mainstream politicians' failure to talk openly about the country's conflicted relationship with immigration (More)
Just booked the trip to Sweden. Next week me and Ada are off...It is a luxury to be able to do exactly what you want when you want it. Love it. This is the life one should have ... always.  We are flying with Norwegian air despite all the crushing n (More)
After warm and sunny Sweden (it was warm while I was there) I have now moved to the southern (colder) part of Europe. After a tough day (went to bed at 1.30h , up at 6.00h , flied Stockholm-Belgrade, spent a few hours there, took a car to Bosnia –T (More)
Today, in Sweden there were elections. For the time being the social democrats are taking the lead. However, there will not be any absolute majority putting the big parties in a position where they have to compromise until the point of their politics (More)