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    We are artists from Kulen-Vakuf who are gathered by Mr. Michael Schwinn with help of Admir Sedic. He had an idea to create a group of young artists from nearby to express their creativity, have fun and decorate their enviroment, and also to drag attention to Bosnia and Herzegovina and National Park Una. The group consists six artists in which only one went to art school. Our first project was to paint the trash cans, we had an awesome time doing it and we get some great feedback form public. At the moment we are realising idea of „Bebi“ bar by painting outside and inside walls and turning small space into funky bar. For our projects we need few days to discuss about what we are going to do and then 8-10 hours of working on it. In the future we are going to open atelier inside „Bebi“ Art and Community center in order to have our own space where we can create art. We enjoy spending our time together and doing thing we lov

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    Poetic and philosophic wives from blue eyed person ....

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    This blog is dedicated to the beauty of nature , gothic culture and all that goes with it.
    My blog can tell you more about it than I can with words. :)