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  • Charlijeve male noćne priče

    Pitao jednom tako jednog vrli pitac neki

    A kto je ta, a što je ta, da prostiš,

    Odakle je ta Bosna rekti.

    A zapitan odgovor njemu tad hitar dade

    Bosna da prostiš jedna zemlja imade

    I posna i bosa da prostiš

    I hladna i gladna

    I ktomu još da prostiš

    Prkosna od sna

  • Dijakov damar

    spirit agent generation

  • Guide to Europe

    The Guide to BiH is a book describing the history, architecture, culture, tradition and most beautiful areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The integral part of the book are professional photographies, which present this mountainous country in the best way, along with a high quality design and print. It will be mostly useful for those who are interested in the culture and history of towns, their landmarks by which they are recognized in the world and which have impressed me. I am certain that this guide will make your travel more interesting and dynamic. It will enable you to use your time in the best possible way.