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Adas kindergarten was closed Thursday and Friday so my plan was to do something fun. I had seen that there is a exhibition of dinosaurs for children so I thought that we could spend some time there. I love dinos myself and I think Ada loves them too. (More)
Ada demanded to go to the zoo on Sunday,  so I fulfilled her wish that beautiful day. The most fascinating animal- the ice bear was injured and couldn't be seen today. The hit today at the zoo was the ice cream(?). Can´t say children are having (More)
Last Thursday to Sunday we got visit from our very good friends Suada and Đenan with their kids. The weather was great so we spent the whole Friday in Karlsruhe city center. We went to Schloss Karlsruhe and its beautiful botanical garden. Ada stay (More)
Last week my mother, my sister and her two kids visited us. It was a BIG thing meeting little Adrian! PZ and PA loved it. Especially PA likes the fact that he is not the only boy in the family now… Ada loves her cousins because they are playing t (More)
For some time I was planning to go to the light show at the castle (Badisches Landesmuseum) in Karlsruhe. It starts at 20h and ends around 00.15h. However, we happened to be in the garden of the castle waiting for Ensar to come and pick us up and he (More)
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