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This must have been the stock that I could have earned most money on among my stocks and where the psychology of human mind is so clear to see. For a while I was 180% plus. It looked good and I wanted more. So when the course started to go down I wai (More)
The A&A portfolio gained 173,5 kr in dividends. The companies paying out dividends where Fast. Balder Pref, Telia, Cloetta, Sagax pref, Sagax D and SEB B. This month I reinvested the dividends plus added a little of the child benefit to buy 2 Cas (More)
This month has been quite disappointing. I have been sick the whole time and as that wasn't enough Ada was also spending most of her time at home instead of kindergarten. Thus, I had no time or energy to check or buy any stocks this month. This gi (More)
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